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08/10/2015 New partnership with the Lamont -Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University in NYC

At the GEBCO meeting in Kuala Lumpur today we formed a new partnership with Vicky Ferrini's team at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Their ability to quickly turn gathered bathymetry datapoints into an interpreted map and our ability to have a near-real-time reporting of new data and provide feedback to the platform, make for an excellent match.

01/03/2015 New CSB platform in development

We learned important lessons from the version 1 and version 2 hardware and software platforms we used to validate our idea of live-collection bathymetry data off superyachts. Hard lessons sometimes. Until the end of the summer we will be focussing on developing a version 3 platform with the focus on user install-ability, perfect opto-isolation, reduction of hardware cost and mass production. We've set the target quite high and hope to present the results at the Monaco Yacht Show in September and afterwards at the GEBCO meeting in Kuala Lumpur in October.

24/01/2015 Crowd Sourcing in Malaysia

With a first roll out of the second version CSB platform in Malaysia during a visit in January 2015, Sea ID and the Malaysian hydrographic service set a clear goal to get crowdsourcing off the ground in the region.

15/10/2014 Crowd-sourced Bathymetry one of the focal points at the IHO conference

The members of the International Hydrographic Organisation met last week in Monaco for their "Extraordinary Conference" and we were invited to participate. Crowdsourcing was a focal point which drew lengthy discussions. The very future of Hydrographic Offices is at stake: will they evolve to include this, or not?

24/09/2014 Portview. The second-best way to experience the Monaco Yacht Show. Right behind "having a boat"

Today Sea ID launched Portview, a Google Street View experience of the Cote d'Azur superyacht ports that we built over the summer. Learn all about it on launch page and browse the gallery. There are a handful of ports published, with more on the way.