Did you see an unknown SEA ID charge on your credit card statement?

Maritime Domain Awareness

Sea ID is constantly lobbying for and developing tools to support and enforce a fairer use of our maritime resources. We are working on a couple long-term projects in this area but cannot publish any of our results to date.

However, we'd like you to have a look at a leap in visualisation of data in a web environment. Thanks to the hard work of a couple very motivated developers at Google in Mountain View, California, we can show you a WebGL/CanvasLayer visualisation of SpaceQuest satellite AIS data. It's a unique view with over 34 million datapoints and as far as we know, it's the first time ever that this has been done.

have a look at the demo

It's a 270 MB download which we are trying to bring down to about 85 MB in the coming weeks. A recent MacBook Air should be able to do it, but a MacBook Pro is much better at it.

If you'd like to learn more about how this was built, please have a look at the session given at the Ocean Agenda workshop at Google HQ in April of 2014, for which you can download the slides also.
We are happily facilitation the hosting of this demo.