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Maritime Registry

A cross-referenced, open registry to deal with identity ambiguity, have a verifiable and trustworthy source of a vessel's, a person's or a resource's records and help fight certificate and identity fraud.

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Crew certificates

Until now, every training provider offering services to the same market, has been keeping private records about its students. Students showing up with proof of previous training, with identification that "looks like them" but is unverifiable, without a clear history of what's happened in the past, it all raises questions that schools try to avoid. After all, they'll be making a statement about this individual when he or she completed the training, based on that trust in the historical record. What if there was a central repository that the student could refer to, with verifiable and up-to-date records? What if that were available worldwide and someone applying for a job could refer to this record?

Big News: We launched the Certificate Registry in the fall of 2012. Since then, 9799 registrations have been completed by 33 maritime schools on 4 continents, which is a great success. At the Monaco Yacht Show 2013, we announced that the registry is now an open and free* repository for maritime schools to publish and archive certificates into.

*: It was always our strategy to make the registry open and free, but we needed to achieve the critical mass to get there. Find out how your school can start submitting certificates to this distributed registry today. These schools that train maritime crew are already on board: Abacus & March , ALLMODE International Security Services , Australian Superyacht Crew , Blue Nation , Bluewater , Bluewater USA , Bond TM Ltd , Capsea Yachting, D-Marin , De Felice Agenzia Marittima , Fine Wine Works , Harmonie Rock Therapy, KDW Training, LH Academy , Magnums Butler Academy , Mahurangi Technical Institute, Maritime Professional Training, Metropolitan College, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand School of Food and Wine, Ondine Escape S.L., PIRAEUS MARITIME TRAINING CENTER & Fairplay Yachting, SEFtec NMCI Offshore Training Limited, Super Yachting South Africa , Supercrew South Africa , The Cocktail Guru, The Crew Academy , The Crew Network, The Nautical Academy, Trilogy Luxury Training, UKSA, VIP Service School and Warsash . Join them today!

Please contact us if you would like to start submitting your certificates to the registry.